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Bill Elenbark

Bill Elenbark wrote his first novel longhand in the empty pages of engineering class notebooks at Rutgers University, while tuning out professors blithely discussing the Mechanics of Solids (an actual class name!) He went on to get an engineering degree and a corresponding career but continued to write in his spare time—the only thing that kept him sane after long days spent with math-minded engineers who never quite got his love of writing or indie rock music. He eventually went back to school for a writing degree that exposed him to the brilliant insanity of artistic-minded friends and taught him the skills to write the YA stories he always wanted to tell.

Bill also started an indie rock music blog a decade ago and has attended several hundred shows since that time. He currently resides with his boyfriend in Hoboken, NJ, not solely for the convenience of seeing little-known bands play intimate shows in Manhattan and DIY spaces in Brooklyn.


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