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Cinderella Boy

High School junior, Declan plays paintball like a super soldier, can destroy whole armies in WOW, and gets grades any parent would proudly stick on the back of a minivan. He’s exactly what you’d expect from a son…only he isn’t.

After his sister catches him trying on her clothes, Declan’s deepest secret is in the open. Instead of freaking out, big sis Delia gives him a makeover that turns him from frumpy to fierce. Then as his alter ego Layla, he and Delia attend the house party of the one boy completely outside Declan’s hermit-like world.

Carter is a prince of a son, popular with his peers—and completely alone. When he meets Layla, the immediate attraction to her complex-but-fresh attitude, brains, and beauty leaves Carter fumbling to charm her. at first Declan flirts and teases, but ultimately fearing what will happen if Carter gets too close, Layla disappears.

When the year begins and their high school embraces a policy of intolerance, both declan and Carter are forced to stand up. Carter is tired of being a coward and wants nothing more than to prove to Layla he can be the knight in shining armor. Declan is sick of bullies and wants desperately to be himself. If they team up, it could be a major win for their friends, or it could end very, very badly.