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David M. Flanagan

David has a colorful background as an independent filmmaker, writing and directing films such as the award-winning independent film; My Sweet Suicide. He has produced a handful of other films as well, with box office stars Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Sharon Stone, Vivica Fox, Rob Schneider and Rumer Willis. In addition to more than twenty feature screenplays, he has written the novels, Killing the Goose and Bird in a Cage along with his nonfiction business book Rudder – Strategic Brand Clarity.

Before founding his current brand agency, Misfit, in 2011, David was instrumental in building several extremely successful brand/advertising agencies. Then, launching his own agency, Crocker/Flanagan, he built and sold one of the most celebrated and highest-profile creative powerhouses in California. Named Advertising Executive of the Year as owner of one of Sacramento’s Top 20 fastest growing businesses, he orchestrated six offices throughout California, helping to develop such brands as Ben & Jerry’s, Wendy’s, Kirkwood Ski Resort, and Yosemite National Park among many.

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