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Demons, Well-Seasoned (The Secret Spice Café Trilogy Book III)

When Mambo Taylor, a powerful Vodou priestess, shows up out of the blue to warn them of a terrible evil, Cynthia, Jane, Angela, and Rohini are once again brought together at The Secret Spice Café. This time they’re on a daring mission to save those they love, as well as their beloved ship, the iconic RMS Queen Mary. They cannot do it alone—the priestess knows there must be “thirteen, on the night of the thirteenth moon,” to join forces in this life-or-death pursuit. Yet, who is Mambo Taylor, and can she be trusted with their lives?

This exhilarating culmination of Patricia V. Davis’s spellbinding trilogy takes us from Glasgow in the 1930s, to New Orleans and Harlem in the 1950s, to southern California in the present day on a poignant, perilous voyage. Demons, Well-Seasoned is a tale spiced with friendship and family, courage and heartbreak, love and sacrifice, which fans of history and the occult are not likely to forget. But before you embark upon your final sail with the ladies of The Secret Spice, be warned: have tissues on hand, as these remarkable women continue to inspire us with their brave and heart-rending adventures long after their story comes to a close.

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