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Dennis Calero

Dennis Calero was raised in Miami Beach, Florida and attended the New World School of the Arts high school, and the prestigious Pratt Institute, where he studied architecture before smartening up and switching majors to illustration and film.

He started writing and drawing comics and his client list includes Marvel and DC comics, Time/Warner and Sony Entertainment as well as doing Stand Up in New York City. He helped develop Xmen Noir for Marvel Comics and his first novel, “You Aren’t the Captain of Me” is being developed by Calero and Lisa Bruce, producer of “History of Everything,” into a feature film. With writer and actor Todd Stashwick, Calero also co-wrote the pilot script “Clandestine” for SyFy.

Dennis is currently writing and drawing The Suit for Dark Horse Comics. The Suit is a comedy-action series about a Wall Street assassin in the early 1980s.


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