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Dirty Produce

Avocados getting frisky. A threesome of peas in a pod. Not a bunch of grapes, but an orgy. An apple having its way with a lime. Melons reveling in their juiciness. In Dirty Produce, artist MariNaomi imagines what’s really going down in the produce aisle after dark.

Whether alone or coupled or in a free-for-all, here are ordinary fruits and vegetables reimagined in the act and having the time of their lives. The genius in these full-color illustrations is in the recognizably human expressions revealed—that look on the “face” of an orange getting juiced? Pure ecstasy. One strawberry seducing another? The flirtatious smile tells it all. Suggestive and funny with an irresistible sweetness and charm, Dirty Produce is an original take on sex in the kind of cheeky, gifty way that’s perfect for sharing with a romantic partner or adding a welcome bit of spice to a party or bridal shower.

You’ll never again look at your fruit bowl the same way. Wink wink.