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Douglas Rees

Douglas Rees was born October 1947 in the hospital at March Air Force Base just outside Riverside, California. His father, Norman, was a career sergeant who’d served as an aircraft mechanic and infantryman in the Philippines campaign early in World War II and was taken prisoner on Bataan. His mother, Agnes, was a nurse at the hospital where he was sent to recuperate after the war was over.

Until Douglas was fifteen, he lived on or near a number of Air Force bases in the United States and Germany. Until he was six, he wanted to be a fireman. Between six and twelve, he wanted to be a paleontologist. When he was twelve, he decided he wanted to be a writer. He still hasn’t outgrown that.

Douglas made some occasional stabs at writing and submitting manuscripts in his twenties and thirties. When he turned forty-seven, he decided to start writing things more regularly. He’s been doing so ever since.

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