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Dragonvein (Book 5)

The end has come. The army of the ‘silent ones’ is sweeping across the land, annihilating towns and cities; slaughtering all they encounter. In a desperate bid to save the lives of uncounted innocents, the allied forces of elf, dwarf, and human, must face these savage and seemingly unstoppable warriors.

But the silent ones are unlike any enemy the people of Lumnia have faced before – corrupted and made enormously strong by the vile magic of Shinzan. They do not care who is friend or who is foe. They do not feel fear or pity. And they will never stop. For the silent ones do not fight for victory. They have but one purpose – to bring death to the world.

Though Ethan’s power could save many lives should he join in this fight, his path lies elsewhere. The rendezvous with destiny is at hand. He will battle Shinzan one final time. But first, he must face the choice he has avoided from the moment he arrived. And that decision will determine the fate of all races…and Lumnia herself.