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Fast Draft Your Manuscript: And Get It Done Now (Write for Success Book 1)

Do you struggle to complete your writing?
Have you had trouble meeting deadlines?
Or do you simply want to write faster and enjoy the process while doing so?
If so, then Fast Drafting is for you.

Fast Drafting is a proven set of techniques and strategies that can be applied to any piece of writing from blog post to novel. Tested over the author’s decades-long career as an author and educator, the Fast Drafting Method is easy to learn, customizable for your needs, and designed to get results quickly. Fast Draft Your Manuscript: And Get It Done Now.

“Speed and joy? This fast-drafting approach is not your average boot camp. It’s designed to help writers spend more time in that exhilarating state of “flow,” when worries and time fall away and the creativity just flows. While the main focus is on learning how to finish a draft faster, the book includes a wide range of useful tips, including some great ideas for overcoming writer’s block.” — Jill Shultz, award-winning novelist and science writer