Short Fuse Publishing

Fire Wolf

Now divorced, Olivia has had her eye on much younger firefighter Smokie Monahan. She propositions him, not realizing he’s had it bad for her since he first saw her luscious bod in a bikini a decade before. She plans a brief, hot encounter at the firehouse—in, out, done. But that quickly turns into a series of hook-ups that neither can resist.

Smokie is a wolf shapeshifter, so he knows the scorching tryst with a human isn’t going to lead to anything. Besides, Olivia insists it’s just a fling—no more relationships for her. Then a mystical seer declares they are true mates.

Smokie thinks he’s too young to settle down, and Olivia thinks lust does not equal love. These two are about to discover just how pleasurable being stuck together for life can be.

Contains explicit scenes (Smokie likes it a little rough).