Short Fuse Publishing

Flexibility Training (The Erotic Circus Series Book 1)

Step behind the velvet curtain for an entirely new type of show. In The Erotic Circus, even your wildest dreams can be made a reality.

Cassie knew being the new girl at the circus would come with challenges, but she never thought self-restraint would be one of them. Enter Patrick, her 23-year-old, tousle-haired, sweatpant-wearing Greek god of a coach. With just nine days to go before the troupe’s new show, they’ll have to put in some serious work to get Cassie’s aerial contortion act up to scratch. That means lots of time together spread eagle on the mats, and Cassie soon stops worrying about the impending performance, wondering instead just how long she’ll be able to keep her hands—not to mention her lips—to herself.

This volume includes one short story by Catherine Silver.

This is a work of explicit erotic fiction, containing scenes of M/F sexual acts, and is intended for adults over 18.