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Gamal Hennessy

Gamal Hennessy is a comic book attorney, business consultant, and author.

He began his career as the general counsel for the anime and manga company Central Park Media. Marvel Comics recruited him to become their International Publishing Manager, where he negotiated merchandise licenses, talent agreements, and maintained the publishing program on a worldwide basis. After Marvel, he set up the boutique law firm Creative Contract Consulting to help independent creators and publishers protect their rights and maximize their business models. He also began a publishing venture called Nightlife Publishing where he wrote and published a non-fiction work about nightlife culture in New York City and six international espionage novels.

Gamal currently serves as the Vice President of Content for the digital distribution platform GlobalComix.com. He has also just finished writing a comprehensive book on the comic book industry entitled The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing which surpassed its crowdfunding goal by 500%.


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