Short Fuse Publishing

Holly’s Pledge (The Men of Myth Trilogy Book 3)

Glaukos, a legendary Greek warrior, hunts for an ancient killer in modern-day Los Angeles, but finds a desirable beauty instead. Meanwhile, Greg Levendakis fantasizes about a curvy redhead instead of his girlfriend. It turns out both men want the same woman.

Holly Bowles wants a boyfriend and thinks she’s found one in Greg, but he’s unavailable. Luckily, there’s another man right around the corner. Sparks fly when she spends the night in Glaukos’ arms, but he has been given only thirty days to live in the mortal realm.

Greg breaks it off with his girlfriend and sets out to make Holly his own. He hopes he hasn’t waited too long. It’s a good thing he believes if you love someone, you take the threesome, because that’s just where he ends up—in bed with both Holly and her mysterious new lover.