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Joni and Jalanda Francis

Joni Francis enjoyed a wonderful career in human resources; diversity, equity & inclusion; and in education. She has had numerous responsibilities including serving as the equity coordinator in a community college where she wrote their diversity plan; serving as the executive director of a multicultural center; and as chief diversity officer at a university. Her love of learning about diverse people has been a lifelong adventure starting as far back as grammar school.

Throughout her varied work and career experiences, Jalanda Francis has been and remains a person- centered operative providing care and guidance in the fields of health and education. She has enjoyed a variety of positions from working in an early childhood day program to working over ten years in the medical field. She then transitioned into education both at the state college and high school levels in Career Development. Currently, she is engaged as a Life Coach at a diverse, one of a kind adult high school.  Jalanda further expresses her appetite for relationship building through cooking. She is an accomplished cook and food blogger.

The two sisters merged their passions to write a children’s book about diversity – teaching children to focus on commonalities as well as accepting differences. The vehicle they chose is food!



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