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J.T. Nicholas

J.T. Nicholas is the author of the neo-noir science fiction series, The New Lyons Sequence. The first and second novels, SINthetic and SINdicate are available from Rebel Base Books.

J.T. was born in Lexington, Virginia, though within six months he moved (or was moved, rather) to Stuttgart, Germany. Thus began the long journey of the military brat, hopping from state to state and country to country until, at present, he has accumulated nearly thirty relocations. This experience taught him that, regardless of where one found oneself, people were largely the same.

When not writing, J.T. spends his time practicing a variety of martial arts, playing games (video, tabletop, and otherwise), and reading everything he can get his hands on.

J.T. currently resides in Wilmington, North Carolina with his wife, bestselling YA author Julie Kagawa, and a pair of indifferent cats.


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