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M.K. Odier

M.K. Odier was a criminal defense attorney in Maine for several years before sustaining a brain
injury and turning her attention to writing full time. (She’s living proof that what doesn’t kill you, only makes you more awesome.)

M.K. comes from a family of strong women who firmly believe in magic, omens, superstitions, intuition, and the power of a well-directed curse. She learned how to spit three times to counteract the evil eye before she learned her ABCs. She writes Women’s Fiction and owes a debt to all those women who came before her—not just for imparting such magical beliefs, but also for teaching her how to wear a hat like she was born with it.

Remember to pronounce her last name like “Oh Dear!” ideally with a handkerchief to your mouth, arm to forehead like a fainty Victorian (who is only feeling fainty because her corset cut off her ability to breathe.) This will remind you that M.K. writes quirky people doing weird things because her heart’s greatest desire it to make you laugh. She has a GED, a law degree, a cute dog named Gracie Girl, and a penchant for the absurd. Also, pizza. (Who doesn’t like pizza?)


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