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Paul Moder

Paul Moder


Paul Moder is a scriptwriter, film producer, and performer who has worked in the Australian entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. He produced the multi-award-winning crime thriller Razor Eaters. Paul has written and is producing a major film based on the infamous, true-life shooting spree that occurred in Tasmania, entitled WASP – The Port Arthur Massacre.  Next year, Paul’s film company, Hybrid Films Australia, is filming Stricken – a Melbourne based horror feature set in the Australian outback.

Paul also has an extensive theatre background, writing, producing, and performing in comedy shows, cabaret and live theater. In 2012, Paul ran the multi award winning, licensed restaurant, bar and show spot Bohemia Cabaret Club.

Paul has penned two novels, the crime thriller The Color Kill and a dystopian sci-fi, Terminus. He is currently writing his third novel, My Shadow Falls Before Me, a dark tale of atonement and redemption.

Paul travels regularly to the United States on film business and has garnered many contacts there.

His dream is to move to the states sometime in the near future.

Paul currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.


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