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Rai W. Cole


Rai W. Cole wrote her first short story at age five and has been making things up ever since—the past few decades have seen her take up work as a professional illustrator, web comic artist, vampire-related pop culture blogger, amateur playwright, and podcast co-host.

Her work has been appearing on the Internet since what was likely an inappropriate age. She practices a variety of formats and genres but has always belonged to fantasy and science fiction, where breaking with convention and cliché becomes the most exciting.

Rai is devoted to LGBT stories and representation, and providing queer teens with worlds where their identities are cherished.

Originally a native of the Pacific Northwest, Rai currently lives in the Kansas side of Kansas City with a small circus of children and animals.

She relies on a Rube-Goldbergian network of alarms to manage a schedule full of writing, homework, games, and cooking Tasty recipes.


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