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Ransom Stephens

Ransom Stephens is a former physics professor and a fifth-generation Californian. He spent 15 years conducting cutting-edge particle physics research and taught at the University of Texas at Arlington. He then moved into high-tech to work for a wireless web start-up. He’s now a Silicon Valley consultant, novelist, and science writer. Ransom writes science fiction, fantasy and popular science. His latest novel, The 99% Solution, is a hilarious, swashbuckling, intercontinental, inter-dimensional thrill ride that will leave you questioning centuries of world politics; The God Patent is a perspective-altering novel of science and religion; and The Sensory Deception is a story of environmentalism, virtual reality, and idealism gone wrong. His first nonfiction book, The Left Brain Speaks The Right Brain Laughs: a look at the neuroscience of innovation & creativity in art, science & life, brings you up to date on how your brain works, how to work it better, and does so with plenty of wisecracks.

He lives in Petaluma, California.


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