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Research Your Subject: And Validate Your Writing (Write for Success Book 3)

How often have we all seen:

The historical novel that gets bad reviews for using an invention that didn’t yet exist.
The YA novel that doesn’t ring true to modern-day teenagers.
The nonfiction book that gets pulled for citing questionable “facts.”
The memoir that causes a scandal for not presenting events as they happened.

All of these can be avoided with proper research. An important part of writing every kind of book, essay, blog post, or article is presenting things either as they are or as they feasibly could be. That’s where research comes in. But it doesn’t have to be difficult or take much time away from your writing. Tested over the author’s decades-long career as an author and educator, these research methods are easy to learn, customizable for your needs, and designed to get results without wasting time. Research Your Subject: And Validate Your Writing.