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Roo Vandegrift

Dr. Roo Vandegrift is a queer scientist and illustrator. He received his doctorate in mycology (the study of mushrooms and fungi) from the University of Oregon’s Institute of Ecology and Evolution, doing much of his dissertation work on the ecology of fungi at Los Cedros, in Ecuador. He has published peer-reviewed research in internationally acclaimed journals such as Microbiome, Biotropica, and the Journal of Tropical Conservation Science. Most recently, he was awarded a National Geographic Explorer grant to coordinate a multi-disciplinary, international expedition to expand knowledge of biodiversity at the Los Cedros Biological Reserve. He is the producer of the forth-coming documentary film Marrow of the Mountain, a film about mining and conservation issues in the Ecuadorian Andes, centering the voices of women and following a scientific expedition into the heart of the rainforest.



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