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Roxsy Lin and Eduardo Rodriguez

Roxsy grew up in Merida, a tiny little town in Venezuela, and had the sweetest grandpa in the whole wide world. Roxsy, grandpa, and their faithful Dachshund, Cynthia, enjoyed going to the Farmers Market almost every day. The endless colors of the market amazed her little girl’s heart, and Roxsy recalls using her crayons until there was nothing but a chubby stump as she kept trying to sprinkle her drawings with the shops’ vibrancy.

After Roxsy graduated from college, she started a career as an Illustrator and Background Artist in animation. She co-founded a small animation studio where she Produced and did the Art Direction for her Cannes-selected animated short film, “Grazia.”

A few years ago, Roxsy moved to Los Angeles, where she has worked as a freelance graphic designer in several companies. Now, along with his husband and inseparable chum, Eduardo, she’s ready to start a new journey in the magical and whimsical—finger crossed—world of picture books!


“By now, most of the film world’s tongues are wagging in excitement (or jealousy) about the wiz kid whose $18,000 student film landed him a three-picture deal with Dimension Films.” indieWIRE, April 19, 2002. This “wiz kid” is Eduardo Rodriguez, a Venezuelan storyteller whose short film Daughter caught the eye of Miramax’s co-chairman who offered Eduardo a contract to direct three feature films. Details of his unusual deal were featured on the front page of Variety on 2002, as well as in articles from Entertainment Weekly and Premiere Magazine.
He was also anointed a member of Entertainment Weekly’s 2002 “It List” of the 100 most creative people in entertainment, along with industry standouts such as Antonio Banderas and Robert Rodriguez. Eduardo made Daughter as his thesis project at Florida State University where he received his M.F.A. in August of 2001. After graduation, he toured the festival circuit where Daughter was screened and honored at more than twenty national and international film festivals, including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. To date, Eduardo has directed over 10 feature films and series.
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he studied communications at Universidad Catolica Andres Bello and was an editor for commercials and TV shows for several years. Now, along with his wife and inseparable chum, Roxsy, he’s ready to start a new journey into the magical and scary—fingers crossed—world of picture books!


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