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Ryan La Sala

Ryan La Sala grew up in a quaint suburb of Connecticut with his three siblings and three parents. He studied Anthropology and Neuroscience at Northeastern University, and now works in digital design and development atop an antique movie theater in Boston, Massachusetts. He lives in Boston, too. His is the house with Christmas lights up year round, and his is the window looking into a room festooned in costumes and theme party decorations.

Ryan is the author of Reverie (Sourcebooks FIRE), an anticipated addition to queer YA fantasy to be released January 2020. He is also the author of many bad tweets, most of them accompanied by photographic evidence that you really can wear shorts to any occasion, if you’ve got the nerve.

In high school, Ryan was voted Prom King and Prom Queen at the same prom. He’s got the nerve.


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