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She’s Got Game (A Gamer Girls Novel Book 1)

Travel blogger Gwen Williams is about to live the dream—competing in the annual American Board Game Championship. She’s up against some stiff competition, namely legendary gamer and four-time champ Cody McKay. The seriously buff hottie and shameless flirt is going all-out to seduce her. That’s when Gwen lays her cards on the table: She never, ever mixes gaming with romance . . . until resisting Cody becomes a losing proposition. 

As Gwen gives in to temptation, everything’s in play for a major heartache. With the rounds heating up and players eliminated, she knows she’s gambling a lot more than a seat at the final table in Vegas. But Cody’s kisses promise more than a fleeting romance. If she plays her cards right, Gwen just might walk off with the championship and the man of her dreams. 

“Charming, funny, and full of surprises, She’s Got Game gave me all the feels, following Gwen on a romantic journey as she learns to let down her guard and play her hand at the game of love.” – Kristin Rockaway, author of How to Hack a Heartbreak

She’s Got Game is an original, entertaining, and briskly-paced book with well-defined characters and a romance I won’t soon forget. I’m excited to see what else the author has in store for this series.” – Tracie Banister, award-winning author of In the Swim of Things