Short FuseĀ Publishing

Silks and Snowfall (The Erotic Circus Series Book 4)

Step behind the velvet curtain for an entirely new type of show. In The Erotic Circus, even your wildest dreams can be made a reality.

It’s time for the holiday party, and the performers within the circus are ready for a night to unwind and let their fantasies play out. In “Mistletoe Masquerade,” Lisa desires a sexy night on the aerial silks with a devilishly charming acrobat. And in “Anything for a Drink,” Jake gets more than a shot of whiskey when the hot caterer takes control.

This volume includes two short stories by Catherine Silver and Matt Inay.

This is a work of explicit erotic fiction, containing scenes of M/F and M/M sexual acts, and is intended for adults over 18.