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The Book of Lost Days

Coxley-3425-28, or 28 as she is known to her sister constructs, is a genetically-engineered product of the prestigious all-female Coxley Clade. The Coxley Clade owns most of the top gene patterns ever produced by the human race. And 28 hopes that she is from the 400-year-old Digvy lineage, named after Loren Callahan Digvy: physicist, engineer, poet, archeologist, entrepreneur, starship captain and explorer. The best of the best. 

28 has the highest marks in mathematics, is a rated athlete in four sports and is the youngest patent-holder the Coxley Clade has ever produced. Her future seems assured. But she wants fame. She is hopeful that her mathematically-perfected shortcut between star gates will revolutionize interstellar travel and prove once and for all that she is a Digvy. Maybe the Clade will even create a new genetic line named after her. But that’s a dream for another day. First she has to successfully navigate her shortcut. And survive.

Waking up in a med pod back in the Clade isn’t the worst thing that could have happened, but it means she must have failed. Her mentors are acting strangely towards her and she doesn’t understand why she is getting an exit interview two years early. Eventually it all becomes clear. It seems that she is not a Digvy after all. She also is no longer female. The med pod changed her back to her original gender: male. Once again 28 is Kristor Aymil Aleykiel, Crown Prince of Atrenou, Prince of the Land of Bren, who was hidden among the Coxley constructs at a young age until called back to his restricted homeworld of Belle-gard by his grandfather to assume the throne and unite the warring factions. 

Prince Kristor must navigate the oddness of being male, and a prince, without access to any of the familiar tech, star travel or even food that he, or she, has been used to. And when he lands on Belle-gard, a primitive iron-age culture, he is thrust into an age-old conflict, political intrigue, a corrupt religious order, and interference from the corporation that paid for his expensive stay at Coxley Clade—even though they are legally prohibited from having any contact with a restricted world. 

Their promise? If Kristor can unite the factions and stop the ongoing wars, Belle-gard’s restricted status will be lifted and he can return to his old life…or any life he, or she, chooses. They’ll even give him one of their most modern luxury starships, something he lusted after but knew he could never afford, as a gift. Because if Ranthorpe Chem-Corps can gain access to Belle-gard, it will be the biggest corporate coup in history. 

Luckily Kristor still has Loren Digvy’s copy of The Book of Lost Days, complete with annotations from the genius herself, to help him decide what to do.