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The Creature’s Cookbook 2: Monster’s Mise en Place

I am a monster.

No, I do not “think” I am a monster. I do not “pretend” to be a monster. I am one. And yes, I do consume human flesh, but only because it is a dietary restriction from hell, I assure you. Don’t pretend to be scandalized. It’s not as if humans really care anymore. You should read some of my fanmail. If I could blush, I would.

So join me, gentle readers, and see how it is that something as old as me, as experienced, as presumably wise, could possibly be stupid enough to involve himself in human society. Witness how this humble immortal became befuddled by long silent memories and took a chance on rescuing a boy and his family. Shake your head at my pointlessly dramatic existence. By heaven, I do.

No recipe is successful without proper organization, a plan, adequate substitutions. We all make choices. Some better than others. Some with grim consequences. Welcome to the second volume of my diary and recipe guide. Whether or not you believe in monsters, may you never go hungry.