Short Fuse Publishing

The Men of Myth Trilogy (Omnibus Edition)

A sizzling trio of demigod menage stories by erotic romance goddess, Anh Leod:

Claudia’s Pleasure

Claudia and Sam have been together since high school. Real life is setting in as they reach their mid-twenties. She loves him, but the sex isn’t what it used to be. Even worse, her gaze is straying to a handsome actor and a gorgeous architect. Los Angeles is full of man-candy ready to share her bed. Is Sam going to be enough for her, even if he’s willing to try anything to get them back on track?

Cherokee’s Playmates

Cherokee and Dylan want a woman to make their romance complete. As the son of a god, Cherokee doesn’t think just one of the sexes can meet his needs. If he doesn’t have sex every few days, his essence is pulled back to Olympus. Dylan can’t be happy with one person. Will two make him want to settle down? When the guys meet Brandi, a hot Hollywood It Girl, they think she’s The One. Will she agree?

Holly’s Pledge

Holly wants Greg to be her boyfriend, but sadly, he’s already attached. Luckily, she meets Glaukos, a legendary Greek warrior with thirty days left in the mortal realm, and sparks fly. But little did Holly know, Greg has been fantasizing about her the whole time. He leaves his girlfriend to pursue his true love…even if it means sharing her bed with her mysterious and powerful new lover.