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The Nonfiction Book Proposal Demystified

Your nonfiction book proposal convinces agents and publishers that your idea is marketable and that you will make a good business partner for your book. It’s a business plan you’ll need if you want to convince publishing professionals your book will sell and you can help it do so. If business and business plans are not your forté, and you’ve read all the full-length books on how to write a book proposal—or you don’t have time to read them—but still don’t know where to start, this ebook provides you with a quick, easy-schmeasy guide to writing your plan.

Each section of a nonfiction book proposal is briefly described so you understand what content to include and how to write it effectively. In just a page or two, you will discover all the information necessary to research and compose the material for each of the 12 primary sections in a nonfiction book proposal. Plus, you’ll receive tips on how to write a proposal that stands out above all the other submissions, how to get your query or proposal accepted, how to write a query letter, what to do when a publisher wants to see your proposal, and more—all from the experience of a bestselling author, developmental editor, proposal consultant, and nonfiction expert who has numerous agent and acquisitions editor contacts.

The information in this ebook can also be used as a template for a fiction proposal, since today more and more fiction publishers require proposals quite similar to nonfiction proposals, or as a simple business plan for making a self-published book a success.