Short Fuse Publishing

Too Rich to Die

A Dickens of a Silicon Valley Cautionary Thriller.

San Francisco techie Eben Scratch becomes the world’s first trillionaire on his 30th birthday. Like a high-tech A Christmas Carol, Eben’s greed has ruined his life and just might ruin the world if the Time Weavers—Simon, who can choose the course of history from the intersections of past and future realities, Fiona Black, proprietor of The Intoxicating Page, a bar-bookstore where cocktails are matched to literature, Volodya Kazimer, a cold-war era Russian hacker whose software calculates the probabilities for different futures, and Winter, a beagle—can’t rescue Eben from himself.

Ranging from San Francisco to Paris, Mexico, India, and Vienna, Too Rich to Die melds Silicon Valley wealth, the French Revolution, and developing world sweatshops into a fast-paced story of love and money found, lost, and crushed beyond recognition.

“Science fiction meets Ebenezer Scrooge in this intoxicating, modern update of A Christmas Carol. Only this time, the rich man’s rants and unkindness can bring down his entire society. Well-crafted and thought-provoking.” ─ Heather Redmond, author of the A Dickens of a Crime series