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Walker McKnight

As a child, Walker saw visions in melted ice cream he believed foretold the future but proved only mildly predictive of weather patterns. Despite his lack of prophecy, the Other Side sought him out early, first in the pages of sci-fi and fantasy and then through portals in the family washer and dryer. When not begging his parents to bring home a movie “with monsters in it,” he played chess with subterranean gatekeepers, gambling his soul for a chance to travel the forbidden roads.

Or gum.

On reaching adulthood, Walker was shocked to find that the supernatural paid more attention to him, not less. He became skilled at convincing neighbors that the gargoyles on his roof weren’t really moving—it was just a trick of the light.

He still checks under bridges before he crosses them. Just good policy.

Having eliminated the last of his replicant doppelgangers in North America, Walker now writes about worlds of future, past, and Other. He pushes his characters to their limits, hoping to give readers the same thrill his favorite authors gave to him.

Walker holds an M.A. in Film and Screenwriting and completed the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting. Two of his science fiction and fantasy screenplays have been semifinalists in the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition.