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William A. Noguera

William A. Noguera is an award-winning artist, author and speaker. He gained international attention for his hyper-realistic ink compositions, paintings, hybridized abstract expressionism and neo-constructivist wall sculptures. Noguera has been featured in various publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and BOOM! A Journal of California. He is a former Hapkido Middle-Weight Champion, devoting himself to art, collegiate lecturing, radio, and charity.

In the 34 years Noguera has resided in prison, he began applying daily observations as research for art. An unexpected transcendent moment occurred while Noguera lay face-down on the prison yard as guards fired shots at two men locked in battle. He realized the prisoners around him possessed significant worth, making his decades-long immersion invaluable.

Since then, Noguera has been developing several other projects and has written his memoir, Escape Artist, due for release by Seven Stories Press in January 2018. Noguera aspires to create art that complicates the narrative surrounding incarceration and sparks a dialogue around constructive rehabilitative practices.

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