Short Fuse Publishing


Short Fuse Publishing is a digital-first provider of groundbreaking fiction and nonfiction across many genres. Exclusive to Fuse Literary, Short Fuse Publishing is a tool for providing more comprehensive career and brand management via targeted supplementary publishing that supports the client’s traditional publishing pathway and ultimately helps them sell more books. Quicker and more flexible than mainstream publishers, Short Fuse Publishing can make effective use of a client’s short stories, novellas, novels, poetry, nonfiction, multimedia, and more. Whether fostering collaboration and boosting presence with anthologies or breathing new life into a client’s backlist, Short Fuse Publishing allows for a more involved, hands-on approach that we customize to the needs of each individual client.

In addition to our main Short Fuse imprint, we have our Heart Fuse and Hot Fuse imprints for sweet and spicy romance, Kid Fuse and Teen Fuse for children’s books, Strange Fuse for SF/F/H, and Pure Spirit Creations for the space where spirituality sparks creativity. Also look for our series of Short Fuse Guides offering insider tips and tricks for writers, written by our agents and covering different areas of the ever-changing publishing industry.

Short Fuse Publishing–yet another way Fuse Literary is carving out the future and Igniting Author Careers.