Short Fuse

About Short Fuse

When talking to aspiring authors over the years, we’ve noticed that the ever-evolving nature of the publishing industry can leave folks feeling daunted. Whether you’re a debut who feels green or a career author who no longer seems to recognize the industry, we hope our series of guides can help.

True to the Short Fuse name, these are quick reads, e-books that get right to the point with quick-and-dirty tips about the issues you’re most likely to face. Our guides are written by agents from the point of view of agents to give you a transparent look at this side of the desk and how we make our decisions.

In addition to our appearances at conferences and workshops as well as our regular consultations for charity, we hope that these guides can help educate the writing community and make your publishing experience easier and more enjoyable

Short Fuse–yet another way Fuse Literary is carving out the future and Igniting Author Careers.