Alien – Inferno’s Fall

A gargantuan, horseshoe-shaped ship appears over the mining planet Shānmén, unleashing a black rain of death that creates Xenomorph-like monsters worse than the darkest of nightmares.

As war breaks out among the colonies, a huge ship appears over the UPP mining planet Shānmén, unleashing a black rain of death that yields hideous transformations. Rescue is too far away, and the colonists’ only hope appears in the form of the vessel Righteous Fury. It carries the Jackals—an elite mix of former Colonial Marines and Royal Marines. Led by Zula Hendricks, the Jackals seek to rescue the few survivors from the depths of the planet, but have they arrived time?

BONUS MATERIAL: Exclusive to this book, a new RPG scenario from Free League, publishers of the award-winning Alien role-playing game.


“I really enjoy this author’s work! She’s pretty much on my must-buy list…” —Felicia Day

“With each new work, she surpasses herself and in the process proves that she is the real deal. Her new book, Spectyr, the second in The Order series, is a fine example of genre mixing done right.” —Geek Life

“Ms. Ballantine delivers. Again. Her writing grabs you in a way that is visceral. It hits early. It hits repetitively. It hits hard. No cheap shots are taken. None are needed. You see, Ms. Ballantine knows how to write characters that make you care.”—View from Valhalla