Our Team


Connor Goldsmith, Senior Agent

Connor Goldsmith specializes in a variety of Nonfiction titles and Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Fiction for adults. His clients run the gamut from influential celebrities to award-winning novelists.

Born and raised in New York, Connor lived briefly in the Midwest studying English and the Classics at Oberlin College in Ohio. He is passionate about narrative across all media as a vehicle for social progress, and received a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from The New School.

Connor began his career in publishing in 2012 at Lowenstein Associates, and joined Fuse Literary in 2014. Prior to entering the world of books, he was a full-time intern and relief assistant in the commercial film and television department at Abrams Artists Agency.

You can follow Connor on Twitter at @dreamoforgonon. You can find more information at his personal website.

For press or subrights inquiries, please email connor@fuseliterary.com. Queries sent to this address will be archived, unread.


To query Connor, please visit his page at QueryManager and fill out the submission form. You will need a query letter, a 1-2 page full plot synopsis (or chapter outline, for nonfiction), and the first ten pages of your manuscript. Connor is seeking the following genres:

Pop Culture (Celebrity, Humor, Television, Film, Music, Comics, Gaming)
Social Politics (Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality, Disability, Sex Work)
Biography (especially of unsung women and/or other marginalized people)
Narrative History (especially of the Ancient World)

Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror

Connor is only accepting fiction queries on referral or by solicitation.

He is especially interested in books by and about people from marginalized perspectives, such as LGBT+ people and racial minorities.