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​Ernie Chiara, Associate Agent

Ernie first joined the Fuse Literary team as a client, then shifted focus to gain experience as an Assistant Agent, and has now come full circle as an Associate Agent, proudly building a list of some truly amazing clients.

He previously served as Communications Director for Pitch Wars, a writer mentorship program, where he was a Mentor in the Adult category. He also has over twenty years experience in the fields of business management and graphic design.

Outspoken about the issues of equality, both in society as a whole and as they relate to the publishing industry, Ernie values accuracy in representation and the raising of marginalized voices. He strives to be a fierce advocate for his clients and their interests, and is passionate about bringing their stories to a broader audience.

In his free time, Ernie enjoys sketching and painting, wailing away on his drum kit, and playing with his three amazing kids. He specializes in Adult and YA Fantasy, Science Fiction, Magical Realism, and Graphic Novels.

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