Veronica Park Has Been Promoted to Agent

September 9, 2020

Just as we love seeing our clients level-up in their careers, we’re thrilled when our agents step up and showcase their superpowers. Veronica Park came to us from another agency in January of 2019 and has thrived in the Fuse system, helping her clients land major deals with their ideal publishers and well deserving her promotion from Associate Agent to Agent.

Veronica is fond of unique stories about niche communities and experiences (e.g. roller derby, competitive robotics, study abroad programs, immigration, etc.) especially if those stories are told from personal experience (#ownvoices) and written in a powerful way. Currently, V specializes in nonfiction (the more creatively structured your narrative, the better,) women’s fiction, and romance for all ages. Darker subject matter and wry humor are encouraged, even if they go hand in hand.

Congrats, Veronica!