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Veronica Park, Agent

Veronica Park is an agent, journalist, and marketing consultant with more than 10 years of experience writing and editing for publication. Before joining Fuse, V worked as an acquisitions editor and PR director at REUTS Publications before joining a New York literary agency in 2014, where she represented nonfiction and fiction authors with projects from middle grade to adult.
V is also the CEO of VPA Consulting, LLC, a brand strategy and process consulting firm. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in print/broadcast journalism with an emphasis in linguistics and business marketing. After working as a broadcast journalist and independent film producer, she ran away in her twenties to work on cruise ships in the Caribbean as a port lecturer and marketing specialist. Life only got weirder and more interesting from that point on.
Born in Alaska and raised in Oregon, V is naturally fond of unique stories about niche communities and experiences (e.g. roller derby, competitive robotics, study abroad programs, immigration, etc.) especially if those stories are told from personal experience (#ownvoices) and written in a powerful way. Currently, V specializes in nonfiction (the more creatively structured your narrative, the better,) women’s fiction, and romance for all ages. Darker subject matter and wry humor are encouraged, even if they go hand in hand.

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Submission Guidelines:

Please query V through the Query Manager system. When you’re ready to submit, please click here. Note: V is currently closed to unsolicited submissions, but if your project fits her MSWLs, please click here to submit.