Contest! Contest! Contest!

February 26, 2015

Today a bunch of great things happened.

1. Fuse announced a 3-book deal for client J.M. Frey. (epic meta fantasy: The Untold Tale, The Returned Tale, The Final Tale) with REUTS Publishing. Yay!

2. Short Fuse, our publishing arm, made available its first paperback book…which just so happens to be a J.M. Frey trio of short stories exploring the good and bad sides of superheroes called HERO is a Four Letter Word. Double-yay!

3. We decided to celebrate in typical Fuse Lit Fashion by holding a contest and rewarding our loyal fans. Triple-yay!

So, for every review of HERO is a Four Letter Word on Goodreads and/or Amazon, you, dear reader, will receive a free copy of not only HERO, but also another fun short by J.M. Frey, On His Birthday, Reginald Got. Both stories showcase the author’s storytelling prowess, as well as her twisty-curvy-fun plot gyrations that make her writing style so memorable.

Go here and here and then mail us a link to your review and you will receive ebook copies of HERO and REGINALD. It’s just that simple!

Oh, and join in the party congratulating @scifrey and @REUTSPub on Twitter. You’re going to love Inkheart for Adults that is THE UNTOLD TALE coming Fall 2015!


J.M. Frey